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What shows up in a 10 panel drug test

This panel drug test is used to check for the presence of drug abuse through a urine sample. In comparison to our 6-panel drug testthis test covers more prescription drugs that are often abused, in addition to the most popular illicit drugs.

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Updated: July 19, Reviewed by Adel Karsou. The panel drug test checks for illicit or commonly misused substances in your body. This noninvasive test usually requires a urine sample.

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Panel drug test

The 10 panel urine drug test tests for 10 commonly abused drugs. We will provide a brief breakdown of what each drug is, and how it is misused. Amphetamines: Testing positive could indicate illegal use of stimulants such as Adderall, Ritalin, and other prescribed stimulants.

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A positive test could also indicate use of common street drugs including ephedrine, ecstasy, crystal meth, and STP. However, ensure that the employee has a prescription for a stimulant such as Adderall, as it is becoming more often prescribed. Barbiturates: Testing positive could indicate illegal use of prescribed drugs including Amytal, Nembutal, and Secobarbital.

What to know about the panel drug test

However, Barbiturate street drugs are rarely used anymore due to the discovery of benzodiazepines. If an employee tests positive for this class of drugs, ensure that they have a true prescription before accusing them of illegal use. Cocaine: Cocaine has no prescribed use and is a very popular and common street drug. Depending on the levels of detection and the time of the testing, you can easily hire a cocaine or crack addict who tested negative on the drug test.

Mobile health offers multi-panel drug testing at all locations.

This is the most common drug test, and reports use of marijuana. With the constantly changing regulations of Marijuana, it is up to you as the employer to decide how strict your company is regarding its use. Methaqualone: A positive test for Methaqualone is rare these days. The United States stopped manufacturing Quaaludes in Someone who tests positive for these would have to be buying them from an underground lab. Opiates: Opiates are one of the most likely drugs to show positive on a drug test, as there are numerous medical uses for opiates. However, opiates are also commonly abused. Codeine, morphine, heroin, oxytocin, and hydrocodone all fall into this category of drugs.

Make sure your employee is on a prescription for these drugs if they test positive. Phencyclidine: Phencyclidine is a common street drug known as PCP. There is no prescribed or medical use for this drug. PCP is a mind-altering drug that causes hallucinations and has neurotoxic side effects.

10 panel drug test

Be wary of a potential candidate that tests positive for PCP. Benzodiazepines: Testing positive for Benzodiazepines is very likely, as this drug class has extensive medical uses for various disorders. Drugs including Xanax, Klonopin, Valium, Ativan, Lorazepam, and Restoril are all common benzodiazepines used to treat general anxiety disorders, insomnia, phobias, and panic disorders.

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These drugs are commonly prescribed, but also easy to find on the street. If a potential employee tests positive, ask to see their prescription to find if they are using Benzodiazepines legally. Methadone: Methadone is used to treat heroin, morphine, or opioid addiction.

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By law, only a SAMHSA certified treatment program can dispense Methadone, and patients receiving Methadone must receive the medication under the supervision of a practitioner. It can be used as a local anesthetic, painkiller, and cough suppressant. This drug is now banned in the United States, but was once available as Darvon and found in Darvocet. There are no current prescriptions containing Propoxyphene. Yes, it shows up as an Amphetamine.

It stays in your urine 24 — 48 hours after your last dose.

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up below or give us a call at Staffing High-Volume Background Checks. Talk to us. What does Ambien show up as on a drug screen? Does Xanax and Ambien show up the same on a drug test?

Panel drug testing

Does Zolpidem show up on a drug screen? Yes, under Benzodiazepines. How long does Marijuana stay in your system? Urine tests can detect marijuana in the urine for approximately 3—30 days after use. Saliva tests can detect marijuana for approximately 24 hours after use. Some saliva tests have detected marijuana for up to 72 hours.

Panel drug test: what to expect

Hair tests are the most sensitive tests, detecting THC for up to 90 days after use. However, these tests are testing the oil in skin that transfers to hair, and so they may occasionally show a false positive. A person who comes into contact with a THC user could, theoretically, test positive on a hair test. Blood tests can only detect THC for 3—4 hours. Does Adderall show up on a drug test? How do I schedule a drug screen on an applicant?

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