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The number to hulu plus

Help me with my issue. Hulu is a subscription video-on-demand service that operates in the United States.

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With Hulu you can watch thousands of TV shows and movies, exclusive Originals, past seasons, current episodes, and more. Stream movies, discover new shows, and more.

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It's hard to remember a time before streaming video services were everywhere. It's almost impossible to pick up a device with a screen that doesn't support them, especially the big two: Netflix and Hulu. Netflix got started in as a DVD-by-mail service with no late fees.

That idea pretty much put movie rental places out of business. Init started offering streaming content, which has quickly become its core business and a major source of internet traffic.

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Netflix has million members worldwide as of Q2 ; right now While movies were once the main reason to watch Netflix, these days it's known for original TV programming that has inspired many a binge watch. It literally spends billions on original shows and movies. Hulu started as a similar beast, though centered more on network TV than movies. It launched inmainly as a syndication engine for its owners, like NBC Universal, and quickly became the go-to service for finding programs from most of the major television networks minus CBS and The CW shortly after they aired.

Hulu is only available in the US with a knock-off service in Japan; you can't even get it in Canada and recently hit 28 million subscribers. That's great growth, more than double what it had in Hulu's biggest change came in May when it jumped into supporting live TV. If you're the type of person who will only subscribe to one video-streaming service, how do you pick? We'll look at each service and pick a winner in several to determine which service is best.

Hulu used to The number to hulu plus a free tier with limited shows and advertising, but killed it in That price is great, but the biggest problem with that base tier is that it still shows commercials. If you're okay with that, then enjoy. With that tier of service, you can view Hulu on only one device at a time officiallybut typically it'll run on two or three at a time.

Create up to six different profiles perand put a Hulu on hold for up to 12 weeks if you're going to be traveling. Netflix pricing is a little more complicated. SD just doesn't cut it, quality-wise. That's necessary for a 4K TV Netflix plan breakdown. All Netflix tiers are ad-free beyond it pimping its original content on log-in screens incessantly. You get up to five profiles perso everyone in the household can have their own "My List" of shows. Also, while Netflix likewise states in its terms of service that users shouldn't share their password, the company is on record saying it doesn't really care about that.

Netflix does not have a live TV option. Netflix Standard is worth that extra dollar per month over Hulu, even commercial free. The most important criteria when it comes to picking a video-streaming service is what you can watch. Netflix used to be all about the movies, going back to its days as a DVD-rental service The number to hulu plus.

A lot of muck is made about the ever-changing state of the Netflix movie catalog. In the fall ofthe of films in the IMDb Top had dwindled to just 31, or 12 percent. But guess what? In total, Netflix has decreased its streaming movie list by 2, titles sinceaccording to Flixable.

Netflix vs. hulu: streaming service showdown

There's a very good reason for that. In the last few years, Netflix has become much more TV-oriented. Most of its The number to hulu plus content comes in the form of entire seasons of a television showusually about 10 to 13 episodes, all of which drop at once for binge viewing. It's a strategy that works well for Netflix, and many of its shows are critical darlings, from Orange is the New Black to newer fare like Ozark, Peaky Blindersand Mindhunter. Huluyou would think, would be in a little better position since it was essentially owned by three TV networks at one point Disney controls it nowbut the individual shows carried by Hulu are not always owned by those networks.

Take The CW shows, for instance. Now all CW shows go instead to Netflix—but not until a week after the season ends. Netflix also has the entire backlog of each season of all The CW shows. Hulu is also frequently missing lots of back seasons of TV shows. When it does have the whole back catalog of a major show—like it does for Family Guy, South Park, or for now Seinfeld —it makes a big deal out of it.

But it's few and far between.

How do consumers feel about calling hulu customer service?

And its original shows are only getting better and better, like breakout hit The Handmaid's Tale. On both services, content is locked by region, so you can't watch UK-only shows from the US and vice versa, for example. Some have tried VPN services to get around this, but companies have moved to block them. There are still some that work, though.

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Add-ons are when a streaming service provides access to content from another service. Using the add-on provides the convenience of not needing a separate app to stream Game of Thrones. With each, you get the full back catalog of all the original programming from each service. Over on Netflixthere aren't any content add-ons.

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You could consider the DVD plans an add-on, I suppose. Otherwise, it's one price fits all the content on Netflix. Hulu has some exclusive shows that are cultural phenomena— Seinfeld and South Park —as well as exclusivity on many current network and cable-only shows, like past seasons of Rick and Morty and Fargo.

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Seriously, for The Handmaid's Tale alone, it's worth subscribing to Hulu. Castle Rockbased on tales by Stephen King, is also a big hit. Shows like this are why Hulu has doubled its subscriber base in two years. Netflix has a lot of exclusives, sure—it paid a lot to own 83 hours of Friends and reintroduced it to a whole new generation, then it spent millions more to keep the show around for now.

But what Netflix offers in the way of originals is on another level.

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Originals get released at an increasingly faster clip, with what seems like new TV shows and stand-up comedy specials every week, with the occasional original movie tossed in. That's just the standouts. Plus documentaries and comedy specials. It's a bit too much, really. Take a week off, Netflix.

Hulu phone s and s

Let us catch our breath. The list of Netflix -compatible devices is pretty comprehensive, covering set-top boxes, streaming media hubsgaming consoles, handheld devices and OSes, smart TVs, desktop OSes, and Blu-ray players. Hulu has a pretty thorough list of its own supported devices, split by those that support the new Hulu interface that came along to help support Live TV, or the "classic" version. Seriously, try to find a device or operating system that doesn't support either service.

You are no longer forced to watch Netflix and Hulu only when attached to the internet. On mobile devices, you can download shows to watch later. With a few caveats. Netflix has had downlo for a while, and lets you nab almost all its original shows on iOS or Android devices. You can get as much as your device can hold—up to titles, which is probably plenty. How long they'll remain on your device depends on licensing agreements. The movies and shows you can't download are annoying, but Netflix's large catalog of originals takes the sting out.

Best of all: the Smart Downlo feature means when you finish one episode, the next time you're on Wi-Fi, the app will grab the next episode The number to hulu plus while deleting the viewed episode.

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For now it appears to work with Hulu originals, but not with all of the next-day content Hulu can show. Nor could I get anything from add-in channels.

Overall content selection

The options will probably improve. You get either 30 days of storage or two days of storage after you start watching it. You can renew it once you're online again, but renewing makes it feel like an annoying rental. It's hard to quantify the interface between services like this—they differ from platform to platform, even versus themselves. Netflix tries to make its interface as uniform across platforms as possible.

The differences between what it offers on desktop versus Xbox One versus iPhone are honestly negligible: there's a lot of scrolling up and down to see differentthen left to right to see the offerings in those. Netflix offers users a "My List"—a watchlist of all the saved movies and shows you want to watch later or in perpetuity. If there is any major problem with the My List other than endless side-to-side scrolling, it's that Netflix does nothing to tell you when items on your list or anywhere else on the service may be expiring.

Netflix doesn't really like to trumpet the fact The number to hulu plus it loses items, though it does put out a list of expiring items each month. Hulu 's My Stuff is much the same.