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Single wants sex Clinton

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Twenty-five years ago, Clinton ed the bill after endless discussion about strategy and optics. Still, nothing went according to plan. Prior to MayPresident Bill Clinton had never had to speak a word in public about same-sex marriage. While he was pressed for commitments on a range of concerns to the LGBT community, marriage rights were not one of them.

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August 5, Web posted Single wants sex Clinton p. CNN -- Author Christopher Andersen -- who had made a living exposing the secrets of the loves and affairs of the rich and famous -- dives into the unique marriage of the first couple. Hillary Rodham Clinton, looking small and drained and vulnerable at the far end of the cavernous Center Hall in the second-floor family quarters, smiled back bravely.

There was some comfort in having Chelsea home from Stanford University for the summer. Although a continent apart, the two women had nonetheless been riding the same emotional roller coaster for the better part of seven months -- seven months during which the most important man in their lives swore to them and to the country that he had never had sexual relations with a twenty-two-year-old White House intern named Monica Lewinsky.

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This time Hillary, all too aware of Bill Clinton's past indiscretions as Governor of Arkansas, needed to believe him. During their six years in the White House, Bill and Hillary stood shoulder-to-shoulder in the face of Whitewater and Travelgate and Filegate and Vincent Foster and Paula Jones -- not to mention a dizzying array of lesser scandals and investigations.

A study of contrasts

In each case, in fact, it was Hillary who met with White House lawyers to devise strategies to discredit their accusers and mount counteroffensives. To be sure, the sexual harassment lawsuit brought by former Arkansas state employee Paula Jones had made Hillary cringe. But the allegations -- that he had lured Jones to his hotel room, lowered his pants, and then tried to coerce her into performing oral sex -- dealt only with Bill's behavior before he stepped onto the national stage.

Besides, while Hillary knew that her husband had been unfaithful in Arkansas with a lounge singer named Gennifer Flowers, when it came to Paula Jones she believed Bill's denials. Paula was merely a pawn of her husband's political enemies, Hillary firmly believed. Over the fervent pleas of the President's advisors, she adamantly opposed any out-of-court settlement in the Jones case -- a fatal miscalculation that would ultimately lead to the Lewinsky debacle.

At the time it was inconceivable to Hillary that her husband would have reverted to his old ways -- not here under the White House roof they shared, not with the Secret Service lurking in every corner, and certainly not now with the outcome of the Paula Jones lawsuit uncertain and Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr still breathing down their collective necks. Although Hillary was blissfully unaware of it back then, things had begun to unravel on January 17 when the President gave his deposition in the Jones case.

Judge Susan Webber Wright, wearing her best poker face, listened as Bill Clinton denied that he had ever had sexual relations of any sort with Monica Lewinsky. With some coaxing, he did vaguely recall buying one or two small gifts for the intern, but little about what she might have said to him in person or over the phone.

Back in the White House two hours later, President Clinton phoned his secretary, Betty Currie, and told her to come to the Oval Office the next morning. Hillary, meanwhile, needed to be told something. The First Couple canceled their dinner plans with White House Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles, and Bill told Hillary what Single wants sex Clinton hoped she would believe: that he had taken pity on a disturbed young friend of Currie's, that he had tried to help her through some "emotional problems," Single wants sex Clinton in the process the poor deluded girl had convinced herself there was something more between them.

As she had in the past, Hillary accepted what she was being told at face value and channeled her anxiety into something constructive: "We spent the weekend," she later said with no hint of sarcasm, "cleaning out closets. The next day the President, as was his habit, kept Betty waiting for over an hour before emerging alone in shirtsleeves from the Oval Office to speak with her at her desk. She could tell that her boss, who kept his Vesuvian temper hidden from the public, was agitated: A vein in his forehead began to throb, and he drummed his fingers on her desk as he spoke.

Currie had always willingly covered for her boss. But the little white lies to Hillary about the stream of attractive women in and out of his office was one thing. Lying under oath was quite another. President, I'm not su -- The President, standing by the desk, leaned toward her. Curie, intimidated, nodded her head. Currie kept Single wants sex Clinton.

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Now, get Monica on the phone," he said, turning back toward the Oval Office. Currie tried four times to Monica -- all without success. The following morning she tried nine more times to locate Lewinsky -- to no avail. Shortly before noon she told the President that Monica had returned none of her s or calls. Clinton merely shook his head and sighed. McCurry held in his hand the lead story for the following morning's edition of the Washington Post.

He hesitated a moment before reading the headline Single wants sex Clinton the President:. The President glanced at his watch. It was midnight. At he placed a call to his personal lawyer, Robert Bennett.

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There Single wants sex Clinton no sex of any kind, period. A half hour later, at on the morning of January 21, the President woke Betty Currie at home, warned her about the upcoming Washington Post article, and went over their story for a second time. Then he called Lindsey again It was 6 A. Jordan, who at the President's behest had been trying to find Monica Lewinsky a job out of harm's way in New York, listened as his old friend told him about the story appearing in that day's Post -- and that it was all "a damned lie.

Now Bill Clinton faced the most daunting task of all: telling his wife.

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Hillary had gone to bed shortly before 11 P. It was not unusual for the First Lady to be unaware of her husband's nocturnal activities; like their idols Jack and Jackie Kennedy, Bill and Hillary Clinton slept in separate bedrooms. In fact, the Clintons had not shared the same bedroom --much less the same bed -- for at least seven years. A copy of the newspaper with its damning front- headline clenched tight in his left fist, the President made his way to "The Residence," the First Family's private quarters on the second floor. Bill Single wants sex Clinton purposefully past the Center Hall hung with Cassatt, Cezanne, and de Kooning, past the dark Lincoln Bedroom crammed with heavy American Victoriana and the rose-colored Queen's Bedroom before stopping at the First Lady's bedroom at the end of the corridor.

The President raised his hand to eye level and gently knocked on the door, then pushed it open slowly without waiting for an answer. He walked in and sat on the edge of the bed. It was only now that Hillary, like her husband a self-described "dead to the world" sleeper, began to stir.

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No sooner had she finished reading the article than Hillary flew into a rage. The President loudly proclaimed his innocence, and soon their angry shouts echoed down the corridor -- a familiar sound to White House staffers and Secret Service agents ased to cover the First Couple. The heated exchange lasted only a few minutes.

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Hillary had always chosen to believe Bill in the past --now, with the very future of their presidency at stake, she had no choice but to convince herself once again that his denials were genuine. Once the anger had subsided, Bill asked his wife the same question he always asked when they were confronted with a crisis: "So, now what do we do? For the next twenty minutes, he quickly briefed her on his discussions that morning with Betty Currie, Vernon Jordan, Single wants sex Clinton Bruce Lindsey. Bill and Hillary agreed that the President would have to go through with the three press interviews already scheduled for that day.

But first, he would have to rally support from his inner circle of advisors. Throughout the day, the presidential refrain to members of the White House staff never varied: "I want you to know that I did not have sexual relations with this woman, Monica Lewinsky". Hillary would turn out to be her husband's staunchest ally in what she called their "war" with Kenneth Starr.

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Believing blindly in Bill, she told a friend in California, "is the only way I can get through this. I have to believe what my husband says is true. Convincing herself of that would be a formidable task; Bill had lied to her so many times before about his extramarital affairs. Less than three hours after Bill woke her up and handed her the Washington Post story, Hillary boarded a train for Baltimore, where she was scheduled to give a speech on race relations at Goucher College.

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Just chilly and withdrawn. It was not an enjoyable train ride. The train had just pulled out of Washington when one of Hillary's assistants received a call on her cell phone.

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But instead of taking the call, Hillary pulled open a folder and began going over the notes for her speech. I'm afraid she Single wants sex Clinton come to the phone right now, Mr. President," the startled aide stammered. The President did not leave a message, but he did call Hillary back -- twice. At least one White House staffer would later concede that, at this juncture, "the President was very concerned -- frantic would not be too strong a word -- that Mrs.

Clinton was not returning his calls. Single wants sex Clinton he did allow the mask to slip when his longtime political advisor Dick Morris called. Credited with being largely responsible for Clinton's election victories, Morris could appreciate his old friend's predicament: He had been summarily dismissed from the reelection campaign when newspapers carried photographs of him lounging in a Washington hotel suite with a prostitute. Morris blamed the White House "secret police" -- his enemies within the administration -- for leaking confidential information regarding his sex life to the National Enquirer.

But Morris did not hold the President responsible, and could be counted on to lend his old friend and benefactor a sympathetic ear. This is just awful," the President replied. I mean, with this girl, I didn't do what they said. There may be gifts -- I gave her gifts-and there may be messages on her answering machine.

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Morris had never heard the President sound so despondent. Yet he did not see Bill's position as hopeless.

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In fact Morris was convinced the President could even turn the situation to his political advantage. You know, Starr and perjury and all Morris told the President point-blank that he understood his predicament perhaps better than anyone. But sometimes I slipped up and with this girl I just slipped up.