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When Spokane business owner Marvin Reguindin started dating his male partner seven years ago, the duo faced an issue most heterosexual couples take for granted. His partner wanted to hold hands in public, but Reguindin felt unsafe and uncomfortable doing so in conservative Spokane. That private issue for the two men has public health implications for the entire community, health experts say.

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Cox News Service — Dec 27th, I just thought it'd be fun.

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We can't look into SirCoffee's eyes and evaluate the truth of his protests. But we can stare at the photo he posted online when he was looking for love via the Internet classifieds, an increasingly popular pastime. And there he is, an attractive year-old from New Jersey who had broken up with his year-old girlfriend and wanted to move on.

The internet ruins everything

He began navigating through the online chat rooms - he hated them - and the ever-widening world of online romance. More thanpeople have posted classified at this extremely popular meeting place since America Online opened it on Valentine's Dayaccording to Bill Schreiner, director of programming for Love AOL. And many more are apt to gravitate there and to other online love connections after seeing the new movie "You've Got Mail," with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks as two online addicts who find love.

And it isn't just the nameless masses that play online. Talk-show host Rush Limbaugh hooked up with wife Marta online. And author Tom Clancy found himself facing divorce after his online trysts moved off-line, his wife said. He's now hoping to marry another woman, whom he didn't meet Re looking for cyber sex spokane.

SirCoffee is a classic cyberlover. He says he fell hard for his lady before they ever met in person.

Spokane singles get frisky with online hookups

Her online name was She Ra, and she turned out to be a beautiful year-old blonde with a great smile. SirCoffee admits he would never have approached her if they had met at a bar or a party. Too beautiful and intimidating.

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But online? Well, they searched each other's profiles and classified. They talked through instant messages that flashed on their computer screens and communicated via carefully constructed e-mail notes.

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And, eventually, they talked by phone. If you're a jerk or not funny, it will come across in written communications. People are very self-revealing online. After just three months of cyber-courtship, SirCoffee and his lady were ready to take it to the next level: meeting in person. He waited impatiently to find out whether flesh and blood could equal fantasy and "cybersex.

We're compatible on every level!

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For what it's worth, you can chalk this one up as a definite match! AOL's Schreiner says the classified-ad site acquires personals every day. The couple lives in West Palm Beach, but they, like Erik and Cherokee, had a distance problem to resolve before their online matchup ended in marriage. And they had more baggage to carry into their relationship than the never-married twenty-somethings.

But my sister, Joanne, encouraged me to go on the Internet.

Work that matters

She figured she had worn out her prospects nearby, she jokes. Bobby lived in New Jersey and fulfilled Ketly's qualifications for a single man who was "spiritually based" and family-oriented. She was ready to call it all off.

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But Bobby kept e-mailing her until she responded. It was a lark for him, he said, a fun way to get in touch with someone new. Eventually, they started talking by telephone. Ketly, always a cynic, was not overly impressed until that pivotal one-hour phone call he placed while driving to see a newborn nephew.

She liked the way he talked about his family and the way he revealed himself to her. It had taken a lot to get to that point. Ketly had given him beeper s and cell-phone s, always careful not to give out too much personal information. Finally, he arranged to meet her on his way to a vacation in the Bahamas.

13 (-ish) reasons why technology has been the downfall of modern dating

She had not even seen a photo of him at that point. Three days before he arrived, Bobby sent her three roses with an endearing message: "Take a deep breath. It's gonna be all right. Their meeting went well, and they flew back and forth getting to know each other.

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Ketly was nervous about taking on his year-old son, but then Bobby decided he would move to Florida. By the time they eloped nine months after meeting online, they hadn't spent more than 10 days together. Says Bobby, "I think our situation is unique.

I do see it as a viable way to meet people.

Online hookups are happening now in spokane, wa

But you need to know what you're looking for. They heard he had posted an "away message" on his computer. Her mother has her doubts. Billings, an honor student a few weeks shy of graduating from Battle Ground High School, left home last month for the East Coast to Americans who went online last month spent about a third of their time using AOL Time Warner-related Web sites and services, according to a study attesting to the growing clout of the newly merged company. While America Online as a stand-alone company has AOL's Schreiner says this is the appeal of online connections.

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Bobby was divorced, with a teenage son, when he found Ketly's online ad. Technology, while the facilitator of this affair, was also almost the death of it. But neither regrets how they met. More Reading