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Kenyan dating blogs

By Ojiambo Ainea 11 days ago. By Priscilla Kimani 11 days ago.

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An investigation of ‘sponsorship’ among female university students in nairobi

Like in all stories at the center of popular discourse, there are two main narratives around sponsorship. Kenyan dating blogs tells a story of empowerment, freedom and agency, where women can apply their sexual liberation for personal gain, enjoying a life of luxury, fun and excitement in way that works well alongside their student life. He was very supportive in terms of money and also was there for me emotionally.

I enjoyed it while it lasted. The other tells a story of young women who are vulnerable, dependant, and highly exposed to risk and violence.

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It is described as socially unacceptable and attached to shame and stigma, with the lack of trust in sponsorship relationships causing threats to health and safety. A girl who tries this is prone to danger such as unwanted pregnancy and fateful disease such as HIV. One person I know tried this and was infected and the guy left her claiming she was the one who wanted it.

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The reality, undoubtedly a balance of these, has not yet been explored in depth in the Kenyan context. We recruited female-university students between 18 to 24 years old at our research lab in the center of Nairobi to shed light on this process. Our research was deed into three components:. Our research of18—24 year-old women in Nairobi generated the following :.


Our qualitative interviews showed that respondents felt decidedly negative about their stories of sponsorship, whether relating experiences of peers or themselves. With an imbalanced distribution of control in favour of the sponsor, sponsees may be exposed to greater risk.

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The secrecy surrounding sponsorship evidenced by the low self-reported rate paired with the strong stigma associated with sponsorship, even among peers, makes it hard to tell friends or seek support if needed, and may doubly contribute to increased safety risks for women. Whether women should or not engage in sponsorship is their own choice alone, which is why it is all the more important they are able to make an Kenyan dating blogs decision. This topic of sponsorship is a complex and intricate one which needs further research to truly understand the relationship dynamics and behaviors brought to light in this study.

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In particular, we are curious to understand to what extent the violence and risk that we have found in this research is exclusive to sponsorship or a symptom of a wider, structural problem of gender inequality in Kenya, which exists across different types of relationships. What are you Kenyan dating blogs in understanding more about sponsorship in Kenya? For more information on our methodology, sources, analysis as well as quotes and first-hand stories from women who identified as having sponsors, you can access our full report here. Busara is a research and advisory firm dedicated to advancing Behavioral Science in the Global South.

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The Busara Blog. About us Off The Record Our website. Sugar Dating in Kenya.

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Busara Center Follow. What we learnt Our research of18—24 year-old women in Nairobi generated the following :.

Kenyan girls relationship blog

The home of behavioral science in the Global South. Written by Busara Center Follow. More From Medium. Authority Magazine in Authority Magazine.

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Rohit Tihor. Kevin Trahan.

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