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Fresh mushrooms vs dried

Rich vegetables such as mushrooms, not only taste good but are also remarkable for health.

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I've noticed some differences when I eat fresh vs. When I eat them fresh picked my trips are vivid, spiritual, immersive, and just seem to have a bigger impact on me. When dried, my trips are still trips but, I feel more detached, head fog with darker thoughts and emotions. Has anyone else been able to make the comparison?

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Many of the more experienced shroom trippers would advise you to eat them dried, but there are those who swear by taking them fresh.

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Fresh mushrooms are said to be more potent compared to their dried counterparts more on this below. The downside, however, is that it could be a challenge when it comes to storage.

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The average shelf-life of fresh shrooms stored in the fridge is 5—10 days. Weed Curing Jar. We did mention how you might get a stronger kick if you consume mushrooms fresh. Psilocybin eventually converts to psilocin in the body, which is the compound that makes you trip.

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However, psilocybin is more stable in raw mushrooms, whereas psilocin instantly begins to degrade upon exposure to heat and oxygen. We touched on how much weight your shrooms lose when you dry them. For some, that could be a bit of a stretch in terms of the status of their finances.

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The best way to do this is to find yourself a reliable dose calculator to ensure accuracy, and a reliable scale to measure out each dose. Magic mushroom dosage calculator Calculate. These psychedelics are a lot earthier in both flavour and texture, which may throw off first-timers.

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You can take it in chocolatesground up and mixed with lemon juice and some ice, or soaked in some pesto or honey —you have options. As we mentioned earlier, however, heat degrades the quality and potency of your magic mushrooms.

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As such, you'll want to avoid cooking or baking them. If stirring them into chocolate, for example, do so off direct heat. Especially for inexperienced users looking to go on their first psychedelic magic mushroom trip, this article should give you more information to work with before making that first dive.

How to consume hallucinogenic mushrooms

You may want to seek the guidance of more users, but hopefully it reduces any apprehensions you have about fresh vs dried mushrooms. Regardless of what you go with, just remember one thing: trip wisely. Most of all, enjoy the journey and let go of all inhibitions.

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Ready yourself for a life-changing experience, to say the least. What's your favourite?

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