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Ecstasy spinal fluid

By Susan Katz Miller.

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This has never been further from the truth. New research has indicated that ecstasy has a direct link to the onset of a historically rare, but now far less rare, spinal degenerative disease. At this point, there is enough co-occurrence of spinal disease in young people and also past use of ecstasy amongst those young people that there is a clear and present link between the two.

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Of course, to make good decisions about whether or not to use ecstasy, people need accurate information about both the costs and benefits of using this popular drug. Ecstasy acts as both a stimulant and a hallucinogen.

Recently, college students have rediscovered the increased energy, sense of pleasure and connection with others that ecstasy produces. Not surprisingly, its use has quickly spread.

Ecstasy drains spinal fluid?

Ecstasy exerts many of its effects through the release of the important neurotransmitter serotonin, whose primary role is to modulate and affect behavior. Due to Ecstasy spinal fluid projections throughout the brain, serotonin impacts many behaviors including mood and cognition. Consequently, if ecstasy use causes damage to the serotonin system, changes in behaviors that are regulated by serotonin should be observable. On the other end of the spectrum, serious damage could be expected to cause profound depression that interferes with everyday functioning.

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In addition, problems in early studies limit what we can say for sure. For example, ecstasy users almost always use other drugs, which can make Ecstasy spinal fluid to interpret. However, only recent studies have controlled for the effects of other drug use. Early studies that failed to take marijuana use in ecstasy users into may have falsely concluded that brain damage, mood problems, or memory deficits were related to ecstasy use when marijuana may have been causing the problems.

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Still, well controlled recent studies that take snapshots of the brain neuroimaging do detect serotonin problems when comparing ecstasy users to controls with similar drug use histories. Interestingly, one researcher Ecstasy spinal fluid that women are more susceptible than men to the neurotoxic effects of ecstasy. However, her interpretation may be problematic due to the presence of depression in some of the women and the small of subjects. Although the rumor of ecstasy burning holes in the brain may be an Ecstasy spinal fluid, current research is consistent with brain alterations in areas served by serotonin.

Ecstasy users describe the positive spike in mood that occurs an hour after taking ecstasy as one of its most powerful effects. Unfortunately, this is followed by a decrease in mood that can last two to three days. Although the depressive phase following ecstasy use has been documented, researchers are just now studying the possibility that ecstasy use may cause depressive symptoms that are long standing and may not resolve over time. To examine this possibility, a meta-analysis of the current studies was performed. This statistical procedure allows us to combine studies and calculate the magnitude of relationships.

indicated large relationships between ecstasy use and depressive symptoms that were unremitting.

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Unfortunately, these findings suggest that ecstasy abuse today may cause persistent mood alterations and result in long-standing depressive symptoms that last well into the future. The possibility that ecstasy affects the ability to think is of interest to both researchers and ecstasy users.

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However, research have been inconsistent. of meta-analytic review indicated a relationship between heavy ecstasy use and problems in cognition. The largest deficits were in verbal memory and executive functioning the ability to plan and use abstract thought. Medium sized deficits were Ecstasy spinal fluid in non-verbal memory.

In summary, recent research indicates that moderate to heavy ecstasy use is associated with damage to the serotonin system, depressive symptoms, and problems with memory and thinking. However, many questions remain. For example, it is essential to determine whether serotonergic, mood or cognitive alterations are a consequence of ecstasy use or whether they predate it. Although we expect ecstasy use causes these problems, it could be the other way around.

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Another question of obvious importance is whether or not the effects of ecstasy are reversible. Having accurate data on the effects of a drug is helpful in making a cost-benefit analysis regarding whether to use a rewarding drug like ecstasy.

Ecstasy undeniably has many positive effects.

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However, ecstasy use may also be associated with long-term problems. Hopefully, knowledge of current data will help people make informed decisions.

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If you are an ecstasy user or a non-ecstasy user interested in participating in Dr. Separate entry. Must be reliable and love kids with and excellent driving record. Please with a short bio to: Ecstasy spinal fluid protected]. Fun job! Text for info. If you are years of age, generally healthy, weigh a minimum of lbs. Gas administration similar to breathing at high altitudemultiple blood draws no more than one cup totaland warming may be involved. This study takes approximately 3 hours; study time may vary depending on study related activities.

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